Disintermediation and Non-Circumvention Policies

We expend tremendous resources to provide our platform and services, to connect you with Customers and to provide Customers those services. You are prohibited from making side-agreements or engaging in activities that can be deemed competitive to Field Engineer with any user outside of our platform.

Once introduced to a Customer on our platform, you are prohibited from entering into any business transactions or agreements with any Customer outside of our Platform at all times during your use of our platform and for a period of two years thereafter.

You also agree not to receive direct payments from any of Customers for the services you provide and you will only offer your services to Customers through our platform. We will terminate a Provider’s access to and use of the Website if such Provider is found to be accepting payment outside the Service for any Customer found through the Service.

Remedies for Violation of this Section. You recognize and agree that any violation of the disintermediation and non-circumvention provisions set forth above, either during the term or for two years after the termination of this Agreement, will cause irreparable harm to Company. In the event that you violate or threaten to violate any of these provisions, at any time during this Agreement or after, Company will have the right to enforce these terms by means of injunctive relief, in addition to money damages and other available legal remedy. You agree to pay Company the cost of pursuing judicial enforcement of this Agreement, including attorney’s fees and costs.

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