COVID-19 and How to
Find Skilled Onsite
Engineers & Technicians

Understand COVID-19’s effects on the onsite workforce – now and for the future. Then, learn about a cost-effective platform to hire skilled engineers on demand, on your schedule, and on your terms.

Learn More About
Covid-19 Driven Trends
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What's Inside

  • Global growth of IT services during the pandemic and beyond requires a huge number of onsite technicians to engineer, install, update, and maintain the IT infrastructure.
  • How can you manage your existing in-house IT onsite staff during and beyond the pandemic? With staff downsizing, learn about how outsourced field engineers and technicians can help.
  • Learn about Covid-19’s effects on residential IT services. Demand for bandwidth from broadband providers has greatly increased along with demands on the carriers’ networks.
  • Gain peace of mind as we take care of the administrative details for you. Get the right technicians when and where you need them so you won’t have to worry about how to support your IT infrastructure with reduced staff.

Who is this Report for?

Whether you’re an IT Manager or looking to source additional onsite engineers, and your concerned about: reduced onsite IT staff and/or higher demands requiring onsite workers. With massive staff reduction in many industries, you wonder how to support the IT Infrastructure of your remaining or perhaps expanded operations.
This report will provide you with useful insights to staff your IT project or ongoing needs.

Learn More About Covid -19
Driven Trends on IT Staff

an Introduction to Field Engineer