The payment has been processed, but I have not received it. How do I resolve this issue?

There are two scenarios; choose your scenario from the following:

  • For the job that you have done: The amount for the job done is transferred only when your reported visit(s)/hour(s) are approved by the company or the job is marked as Complete by the company.
  • When the transaction is approved by the company, the funds do not automatically transfer to your bank/PayPal/Payoneer account. You must initiate the transfer from your FieldEngineer account to your bank/PayPal/Payoneer account.

NOTE: FieldEngineer processes the funds transfer transactions in two batches each week on Tuesday and Friday after 2:00 PM EST. You will receive the funds transferred from your Field Engineer account to your bank/PayPal/Payoneer account either on Wednesday or on Saturday, depending on the day you initiated your transfer.

If neither scenario matches your case, either contact our customer support center at [email protected], or create a ticket in the application under your profile settings: select Customer Support, and create a ticket by selecting Submit a Complaint.

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