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An Important Message for Companies Who are Searching for Telecom Engineering Talent

If you have found it difficult to hire engineers for temporary, part-time or long-term positions, then you have found a very important web page.
On this page, you’re going to discover more about a digital platform with two goals.

Help companies find qualified telecom engineers anywhere on the planet … while reducing labor costs up to 30%.
Attract the world’s top engineering talent … and introduce them to the world’s top companies.
If you’re a business, looking for telecom engineering talent, then is the first place you should look whatever your need … whatever your location. And you can start searching in the next 20 minutes.
If you’re a business, looking for telecom engineering talent, then is the first place you should look whatever your need … whatever your location. And you can start searching in the next 20 minutes.

Take a Tour of … is super-simple to Use … and created to help you find the talent you need to succeed … Simply click the “PLAY” button right now for a tour of the platform.

How Works For You

  • Talented engineers from around the world apply to be listed on … 40,000 engineers have signed up thus far.
  • They are pre-screened for felonies and drug use.
  • Once accepted, the engineers list their skill set, experience, and related information.
  • When you need an engineer, you enter a posting on … this takes about 20 minutes.
  • Engineers contact you through and you can select the talent that best suits your needs.
  • Then you communicate with the engineers through and get the work completed.
You can use to find part-time, temporary, and full-time engineers.

How Payment Works

Your company deposits the amount for payment through our secure platform. Payment is then made directly to the engineer through

We have set up to handle different currencies around the world.

Business Customers … that’s you … pay NO additional platform fee for using … thus potentially saving you tens of thousands of dollars in head-hunting fees. charges a small percentage to the engineer for each project.

You don’t have to worry about payroll, invoicing, and payment because takes care of everything related to payment.

The Team Behind

Malik Zakaria

Founder and CEO
Malik founded in 2015. He drives the company’s vision, strategy, and growth as the company provides interesting and unique ways for engineers to work in the telecom industry. He seamlessly embraces world-class imperatives and technically sound best practices. He is a serial entrepreneur, computer engineering graduate, and is a student of Harvard Business School, Executive Education Program.

Kaushik Bhaumik

Chief Technology Officer
An enterprise application architect, Kaushik has designed and built several award-winning portals and platforms. He brings 20+ years of scalable web app expertise to

Thales Teixeira

Thales S. Teixeira is a chaired Associate Professor at Harvard Business School. His research is on digital disruption. His clients include large companies such as Microsoft, Nike, BMW, and Unilever. He is also an advisor to multiple tech startups.

40,000 Engineers Around The World

We have attracted top talent to …
Here’s an example of the talent we have on

14 Reasons Companies Are Using Right Now

Companies like yours, including competitors, are using and here’s why
Instant connection to over 40,000 engineers …
fully-qualified, experienced, and fully vetted engineers and technicians.
Get the team you need to get the work done …
whether it’s one engineer or a team of several technicians.
It’s working now …
we’ve fulfilled 20,000+ orders for 100+ businesses with a presence in 170+ countries.
A fully secure platform …
password-protected and created using the same security technology employed by the world’s largest companies. Confidentiality is assured so your competitors don’t know who is posting.
Find engineers anywhere in the world …
Over 40,000 talented professionals in South America, Africa, Europe, and APAC regions.
Full support … provides you and your team with dedicated teams available to help you with your projects and customer support.
Engineers are ready-to-work and fully vetted … completes full drug and felony background checks on all candidates. We even double-check their qualifications. You can read reviews about our engineers from companies who have hired them. You know precisely who you are hiring.
Reduce your employment costs … helps you manage your talent more efficiently by avoiding costly employment packages and downtime inefficiencies. You can engage telecom talent locally or remotely, worldwide, on your schedule, budget and terms.
Meet sudden spikes in demand …
in just a few hours. When your in-house team can’t meet demand instantly, is there for you. No need to advertise for candidates or deal with recruitment firms. Find a contractor, agree on terms, and get them working on your project.
Easy-to-use and track projects in real time …
thanks to the employer dashboard. You can quickly find available talent based on geography and budget. Then you can easily manage talent and projects. even automates several administrative tasks, giving your team time for other more important work.
Find engineers for long-term positions, talent WITHOUT paying a huge fee to a head hunter … gives you the flexibility to find part-time and temporary talent. It also helps you find engineers for long-term positions, talent without paying fees to employment agencies and head hunters. Use for temporary help, as well.
Use on desktop … use on app … that’s right … is available in two easy-to-use versions for desktops and smart phones.
Accounting is easy …
we created to make accounting easy for your payroll and accounting teams.
No additional fees for employers …
that’s right … charges no additional fees for employers.
Click here now to set up an appointment with a specialist from … so you can discover more about and see if it’s a good fit for your company.
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