Hire Point of Sale Field Service Technician
Our POS Field Service Technicians Offer Fast and Flexible Solutions

Hire Point of Sale Field Service Technician

Our POS Field Service Technicians Offer Fast and Flexible Solutions

In a time of robust consumer activity, retailers, merchants and hospitality providers can hardly afford to have issues with their Point Of Sale equipment the all-important fourth quarter. Downtime is extremely damaging to merchants of all kinds while security breaches can represent a serious risk to their reputation.

If your POS equipment is malfunctioning, damaged or compromised, this can impact seriously on your business if the matter is not resolved quickly and decisively.

Fortunately, a Field Service Technician can get you up and running again quickly and efficiently, whether they’re on-site or working remotely.

Operating With Autonomy

Employees come with their fair share of overhead costs. On the other hand our freelance POS technicians don’t need management, motivation or training. They can be hired and dispatched quickly and easily to troubleshoot issues and find definitive solutions quickly whether they’re on site with you or solving your problems remotely. They offer fast and flexible solutions when you need them.

This means that you get the benefit of maximum uptime with minimal disruption of service.

Our Platform Protects Your Security

The security of your customer’s data is as important to us at FE as it is to you. That’s why when you join our platform, you’ll be able to enhance your POS security and help your customers to rest assured knowing that their data is in the safest possible hands.

Why Choose Field Engineer?

When you use FE, you avail yourself of a wide range of benefits;

  • The security of a robust worldwide presence
  • Access to verified and highly vetted engineers with years of experience
  • Real-time engineer tracking for your peace of mind
  • AI powered work order management for peak efficiency
  • Proprietary AI tools to instantly match the right engineer to the right project
  • A powerful mobile platform for on-the-go project management

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