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Establishing a global presence used to be expensive, time-consuming and incredibly difficult especially if you need the specialist services of a freelance network infrastructure engineer. However, with Field Engineer’s platform of over 40,000 specialists across 180 different countries, completing overseas work has never been more accessible and affordable.

Skilled Specialists, Hundreds of Disciplines

No matter if you’re looking for someone to design your infrastructure or maintain an existing one overseas, Field Engineer offers a wide range of IT engineering specialists with a variety of backgrounds, levels of experience and certifications. No matter what your exact needs are, you’ll be able to find the perfect candidate on our global on-demand marketplace of professional IT engineering talent. Our specialists are trusted, vetted and experienced in their specific fields to offer you peace of mind and reliability.


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Real-Time Updates and a Simple Interface

Our platform couldn’t be easier to use. Simply log on to your dashboard, post a job and you’ll receive potential prospects within minutes. You can break up the job into smaller tasks for the purpose of tracking progress more easily, you can post multiple jobs and you can even keep up with your field engineer with real-time updates so you know exactly what’s going on. So if you’re interested in expanding your business with an on-demand global workforce to help you establish a global presence, Field Engineer is the smartest and fastest way to do so.

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