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Providing unrivaled access to a global network of over 40,000+ IT professionals, Field Engineer gives you a safe and secure way of hiring the freelance specialists you need.

What is a Juniper Resident Engineer?

Working predominantly on Juniper systems, software, and hardware, a Freelance Juniper Resident Engineer has an in-depth understanding of Juniper networks and products. Deliver custom installs to clients, as well as regular maintenance and network enhancement, a freelance Juniper Resident Engineer can also help to problem-solve any issues which may arise when you’re using a Juniper network or Juniper products.

Locating a certified Juniper Resident Engineer

Finding the right IT technicians has never been easier. Field Engineer has real-time information of over 40,000+ IT professionals, so you can find a certified Juniper Resident Engineer in minutes. Ensuring access to a wide range of specialists, such as a CISCO Engineer, Juniper Networks Resident Engineer, Voice Engineer, System Administrator, and Security Certified Engineer, you can hire freelance professionals whenever you need them.

Whether you want to hire a subcontractor for a one-off project or a long-term role, working with subcontractors helps to reduce your company costs and minimize the red tape which usually accompanies the hiring process. At Field Engineer, we make sure you can access the specialist engineers you need, wherever you are in the world.


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Finding a Juniper Resident Engineer with Field Engineer

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