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With an established pool of over 40,000+ experienced and qualified IT technicians and engineers, Field Engineer makes it easy to hire the perfect freelance digital computer operator.

What is a Digital Computer Operator?

Responsible for managing and monitors computers and associated equipment, a Digital Computer Operator keeps your business ticking over by ensuring your computer equipment is working efficiently.

A freelance Digital Computer Operator can work on numerous projects, so their everyday roles can vary, depending on the client’s needs. Responsibilities may range from installing new hardware, monitoring data management and resolving technical issues, amongst other tasks.

Finding a Freelance Digital Computer Operator

A certified Digital Computer Operator can make your company work more efficiently and more productivity, as well as reducing downtime due to computer errors and issues. By hiring a freelance Digital Computer Operator, you can get all the benefits of their expertise, without the cost of employing personnel.

With Field Engineer, it’s easy to find the IT personnel you need. Whether you’re looking for certified Digital Computer Operator, Security Certified Engineers, Voice Engineers, IT Helpdesk Technicians or CISCO engineers, we can provide access to the most sought-after freelance engineers.


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Hiring a Digital Computer Operator with Field Engineer

Operating a global marketplace, Field Engineer brings companies and IT technicians together. Giving you access to engineers with a whole range of specialisms, you can find certified workers for any project. Our dedicated platform even makes it easy to manage freelance workers and upcoming projects.

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