Digital Signage Technicians
Our Professionals will Provide Digital Signage Solution Across Your Enterprise

Digital Signage Technicians

Our Professionals will Provide Digital Signage Solution Across Your Enterprise

The FieldEngineer platform is the perfect choice for any business seeking to access an on-demand workforce of digital signage technicians quickly and efficiently. In addition, the platform is completely free to use for business, allowing you to reduce your costs without reducing your ability to enjoy digital signage solutions across your enterprise.

Designed with Businesses in Mind

Conventionally, businesses seeking digital signage technicians have been limited in their options: they could hire full-time staff, or they could source their own freelancers. Neither option was ideal: keeping full-time staff on the payroll is expensive, especially if the workload is more sporadic, while hiring high-quality freelancers is hugely time-consuming due to the need to need to verify credentials - and can be nigh-on impossible if working overseas.

Easily-Managed Platform

FieldEngineer is designed to address all the issues above and streamline the entire process of contracting digital signage technicians from across the globe. No matter how complex your work order is, whether you require one technician or 20, FieldEngineer’s clever algorithm will connect you with digital signage technicians who are fully background checked and ready to work. As well as connecting businesses with an on-demand workforce, the platform extends its benefits further, offering the ability to manage all work orders, mobile payments, provide worker assistance, track worker locations, and more besides. FieldEngineer is thus the complete solution: find the freelancer, or freelancers, you need, then benefit from the ability to monitor the process as the work progresses - all from the comfort of a single, easily-managed platform.

To get started with FieldEngineer and access the pool of on-demand digital signage technicians from across the globe, sign up and post your work order today!

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