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How do I pay the Engineer after the job is completed

Paying Engineers

Paying the Onsite Engineer

The FE program is a highly useful tool for locating qualified engineers for all of your IT-related activities.

  • On the FE application, you may establish a Work Order that includes the details of the activity, the planned date, and the payments.

  • When the Work Order is posted, the registered Field Engineers will be alerted and will respond by applying.

  • You may pick and choose the engineer you wish to recruit among the applications. After you assign the assignment to the Filed Engineer, they will accept it.

  • You may pay your engineers on an hourly, fixed-cost, or per-device basis using Filed Engineer application.

  • When you post a job, money will be withdrawn from your account (depending on the maximum hours and rate) and held in an escrow account.

  • The money will be transferred to the engineer's account when the engineer completes the project, based on your approval of hours or labor, and the leftover amount will be transferred to your account.