In today’s fast-changing business environment, entrepreneurs cannot expect their ecosystems to remain static. Any competitive advantage in technology, value proposition, talent acquisition, distribution channels, offering quality, or speed of delivery will soon be copied and surpassed by others.

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Finding and onboarding field engineers have been a long-time challenge for the telecommunications industry, for everyone from MSPs to service providers. Kaushik Bhaumik, Chief Technology Officer of the new company Field Engineer, talks to Douglas Green, editor, and publisher of Telecom Reseller, about how he is solving this problem with his app that connects skilled field engineers with the companies who have jobs.


  1. Unlike any other industry, telecommunications has grown at a rapid pace and has created new jobs across the world. With these new jobs come new a breed of engineer with unique skills and specializations. This often makes it harder for engineers to apply and find jobs that appropriately suit them. With no platform currently focused on the telecommunications space, Field Engineer is filling the void. Field Engineer connects engineers with employers through its platform that understands the needs of companies as well as the engineering industry. With a global presence, real-time tracking, and rapid AI matching, the service that is free to use allows you to hone in on a talent marketplace efficiently.


Finding the right person for a job is hard. Finding the field engineer with the right skills, in the right location, and who is fully vetted and available now is harder — and because the demand for more devices to be connected and through even faster networks is growing, the gap between telecommunications work and available resources to do it is only widening Following its beta release, Field Engineer has today made available its online field engineer marketplace that aims to solve this problem by connecting telecommunications work with the right field engineers, on-demand.


Service providers and partners have long struggled with the disconnect between booking new telecom business and the actual deployment of the service for the end user, which can take weeks or even months. Field Engineer, a new global, on-demand service for carriers and channel partners, is looking to close that gap by connecting partners and providers with the right engineering expertise in minutes.


“We say it’s about time things changed in the telecom workforce. The question is: what do you say? Our Online Field Engineer Marketplace platform gives employers the flexibility to court the perfect engineer for the job anytime and anywhere with Internet connection. Companies can outsource jobs at a fraction of the cost and without the demand of full-time employment. For independent engineers, we provide the ability to choose projects that work with their schedules and at their desired rates of pay. In short, we provide them with freedom,” – says Malik Zakaria, founder of Field Engineer.

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I have yet to meet someone that would refuse extra money. Whether it’s a raise at work, lottery winnings or a $100 bill laying on the side of the road. But, it’s hard to control those things. Sure, you could work harder at your job, play the lottery and go on more walks. But, there’s another path that Robert Kiyosaki, author of bestselling Rich Dad, Poor Dad is fond of pointing out: “The only difference between a rich and poor person is how they use their time.”


One B2B marketplace trend that is gaining momentum is specialization. Niche players are creating more and better platforms to put buyers and sellers together, and receiving a small piece of each transaction in the process. I recently came across a niche marketplace platform that exemplifies this trend, and provides insights into how entrepreneurs with expertise in a given industry segment can succeed.